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Archives: Services

Mentorship program for Nurses

So many nurses are losing their career path because of lack of good mentors. We have developed a program that sees experienced nurses adopt to

Consultation on Nursing Abroad Journey

So many nurses and other healthcare professionals face challenges when deciding which country and/or state to practice nursing. At Vital Professionals International, we have experts

LinkedIn Profiles

Social Media, especially the more formal LinkedIn, is currently running the show in so many aspects of life. In professional career growth, one needs an

International CV Alignment

A well-done, excellent curriculum Vitae communicates as to whom you are. We have identified CV alignment as a major challenge towards acceptability in the international

NCK Verification Documents Facilitation

The Nursing Council of Kenya has ONE center in the entire world! Kenyan nurses, who must physically verify documents with the NCK often encounter challenges

Employment for Nurses Abroad

Over the past few years, the demand for nurses abroad has been rising at a monumental rate. Currently, the United States needs over 1.3 Million

Nursing Boards Applications

Making applications for nursing boards in the USA can be complex and quite demanding for someone who does not understand it well. At Vital Professionals,

CGFNS/JSA Applications

The process of registering to become a nurse in the United States and Canada requires verification of documents, specifically the nursing college certificate and the

IELTS Training

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the approved English tests for nurses willing to study and work abroad, especially in the US,

NCLEX-RN Revision/Review

At Vital Professionals, we have a robust, comprehensive and top-notch NCLEX-RN Review program that is tailored to ensure a nurse passes the NCLEX-RN exam with